Thursday, 4 July 2013

Best flight training school

Blue Bird Flight Academy is regarded as the Best Flight School in Canada, the reason being, it is focused on quality and not on the quantity i.e., while all the other Flight Schools are focused on yielding maximum number of pilots in a particular session, Blue Bird Flight Academy is concentrates in extracting the best of every student it receives without compromising on the level of quality in their services and training. 

At Blue BirdFlight Academy, every trainee, be it Private are expected to follow the rules and regulations set by Transport Canada and ICOA. This enables the institute to give  the training that are considered as a standard training worldwide. Particularly, any student from India, planning to pursue Private Pilot Training at  Blue Bird Flight Academy has an advantage. The rules and regulations as guided by Transport Canada, very much resembles to that of DGAC of India. BBFA helps such students to appear only for Composite exams back at their homeland. Undoubtedly, BBFA is only for the benefit of the students who are enrolled in its shelter. 

Again, if we talk about the services delivered by Blue Bird Flight Academy, we cannot miss their favorite line," We are with you all the time". Yes, right from the initial process of admission at  Blue Bird Flight Academy to the crucial termination point of obtaining Pilot License, BBFA keeps its promise to be with the students at all time. The instructor- student relationship is yet another factor that is on the prime focus-light at BBFA; this certainly  gives every trainee - a home away from home along with a world class housing and basic amenities at an unimaginably reasonable price. 

Another reason why  Blue Bird Flight Academy is regarded as the best in North America is because of its alumni who are working at various airline companies. The Private Pilots who have been generated by  Blue Bird FlightAcademy are currently working in leading airline companies, to name a few, Jet Airways, India; Air China. This quality on Academy's resume is certain to grab the title for 'The Best Flight Academy' in North America!