Monday, 13 October 2014

Bluebird flight is a trustworthy aviation school

When it comes to making careers in commercial flying or even taking the aircrafts for leisure, the right training and honing the best flying skills really play an important role. Hence, the importance of choosing one of the best Aviation school cannot be denied. Whether you are flying for making money or simply for leisure, the flying institute wherein you enrol for the said training really matters a lot. The fact is it can make or mar your flying skills to a great extent because this is the primary place where you learn to have flying skills and get the confidence to fly high in the open sky. So, when you look at the long list of so many flying academies or institutes, very few can be called as the par. one such name is Blue Bird Flight Academy.

The Blue Bird Flight Academy is known for a number of reasons. Right from having some of the best and ideal locations like Chilliwack, which has a perfect weather conditions all over the year, to having one of the best training faculties in the institute, you have many reasons to join this institute. Generally the biggest problem the students face while joining any training program is the unpredictable weather conditions, which comes as a big hurdle in the way of flying lessons. However, this is not the case with BBFA, as it is based in Chilliwack, which is considered to be among the best place to have the flying lessons. There weather here remains friendly for the pilots almost round the year.

Talking about the trainers and faculty members, they happen to be among the best and competent people in terms of experience, knowledge and expertise. They leave no stone unturned to train and groom the pilot with utter professionalism and expertise. Also, the infrastructure of the institute is par in terms of facilities and amenities, which together remain instrumental in the flying training both for commercial and recreational programs meant for different aircrafts and flying machines. Together all these elements make the Blue Bird Flight Academy a trustworthy institute known for catering quality aviation training in Canada. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How to choose commercial pilot training school?

Getting your commercial pilot license training can help you in taking up the full time commercial pilot job at any competent airlines company. This training then makes you competent to apply for the commercial pilot license, which in turn gives you the authority to fly for commercial purposes. In the said training, you are trained and groomed for commercial flying. Before you submit the application for the CPL, you need to complete the training sessions, which can make you competitive in making you eligible for the said license. Besides, the physical and mental training, you are supposed to raise good money to prepare financially as getting the CPL is always a costly affair.  Well, let’s look at the ideas of training for CPL as under:

Check your competence before entering into this domain


Before you plan to opt for the commercial pilot training program, it is recommended to know whether this career remains out to be the fitting option for you. Well, there are so many benefits to enjoy when it comes to having a flying career. But if you fail to fulfill the required energy and physical competence then opting for this training would be an exercise to futility. There are certain characteristics that you need to become a commercial pilot. As a competent pilot you are required to stay at very much higher altitudes, which could be an issue to anyone who is has allergy to height or flying. Secondly, anyone with homesickness cannot choose to be in this career as you have to stay out for long as it is not a 9 to 5 job. Lastly, this job happens to be of responsibility, which means if you are not responsible enough to take up the onus on passengers on you then make sure you do not opt this career.

Get the best training


The commercial pilot license training can be completed in just three or less than the said amount of months, yet it is recommended to take your own sufficient time for this. This should be only done when you have certain specific situations. Completing the training in haste in not recommended unless you have a good flying background, which can help in grooming and training you the best. Make sure you get trained the best by having the right training program with the session not less than six to eight months. 

A best flight training school for commercial pilot training


When you talk about flight training, choosing one of the best flight training school really make a great difference. Besides checking the tuition fee, make sure you check the quality of the flying school. Take your time to find out how the quality of the instructors is, secondly, check the number of fleets you have for the training. Also, check the infrastructure of the flying school, along with getting the number of facilities and amenities, which can together help you to grow and groom for the said training. In a long list of flying schools, you need to take your own time and find out the right school, which can train and groom you the best.

Go for your training in a gradual fashion


A number of aspiring pilots do commit a mistake of selecting any flying school for their CPL training in a hurry. This is not a good way of landing into any flying school as you may end up finding a wrong place, which do not cater flying training with ease and comfort. The best way here is to get a school with proper research and study along with finding the right program. Consider any flying school, which can cater you high quality training at the best speed so that you may find out the right one.

Enjoy your career


Once you complete your commercial pilot training from any competent flying school, you end up getting the chance to apply for the CPL. If your training is perfect, no one can stop you to get the license, which will further open up the gates to apply for the commercial pilot position in any airlines company. Once you get places in it, then it is no looking back, as you end up getting the right work satisfaction backed with a good pay package and perks.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to become an airline pilot after getting CPL?

The CPL or Commercial pilot license in Canada is mandatory to become an airline pilot. The CPL is issued by transport, which has its own set of requirements that has to be checked before becoming an airline pilot after you get the CPL. Right from the having the required training program to qualifying the written and practical exams as issued by the respective agency in Canada, you have to go a long way to become a professional and competent airline pilot in this country. The following are the steps, you need to clear in order to become a full fledged pilot in Canada for any airlines company. Let’s check them out:  

Get your PPL (Private Pilot License)
PPL License Training in Bluebird flight academy

First thing first, you are supposed to get the private pilot license, which is mandatory in Canada to obtain in order to find the commercial pilot license. This can be called as the first step toward the CPL. This license would allow anyone to fly any smaller flying machines for recreational or leisure thing. You cannot make career with the PPL. It just require 2 to 3 months complete the training and appear for the exam to get it depending upon the fact how soon you hone the skills and crack the test for the PPL.

Get your CPL (Commercial Pilot License)
Commercial pilot license

Next comes the commercial pilot license (CPL), which can be only obtained when you have the PPL in hand. With this license, you get the authority to enter into commercial flying, which means you have the choice to make career in flying commercial aircrafts. For this you need 200 to 150 hours of flying hours and then you become eligible to appear for its exam and get the license. With the CPL, you end up getting the entry level jobs for pilot, which becomes the right foundation to have a great career in commercial flying.

Enhance your career of pilot with a degree

This may not be required though but is important to have a good career prospects in commercial flying in any airlines company. With the university degree you simply add wings to your career of commercial flying. You just need a university degree in any subject, no need to have only in aviation. This will help in boosting up your promotions in your commercial flying career. However, with aviation degree, you can boost up your flying knowledge and get an edge in your flying skills as well.

Enhance your level with Airline Transport Pilot License

This can be called as the highest level in commercial flying. If you get this pilot you get the chance to work over the important positions including the captain over any major or regional airlines company. All the important positions in Airlines would require this degree, which require at least 1500 hours of flying experience with qualifying two written exams.

Enjoy your career of commercial pilot

Once you qualify all these levels of pilot, your gate to a lucrative career embarks. All you need to do is to keep on updating and mastering your flying skills and enjoy one of the most stable career on earth, which has everything that you would need from any good career option.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

List of best flying clubs in world

Flying clubs have great role to play in things like aviation training, development and enhancements in flying training programs. When it comes to world best flying clubs, there are many in this list, however, talking about the few won’t be a big issue. Any flying club, which is counted on the top usually, has some of the best instructors, trainers, good infrastructure, good amenities and facilities. They have qualified countless of pilots who are working at different leading airline companies in the world. Let’s check them out as under the best flying clubs in the world as under:

Bluebird Flight Academy

The other in this list is the Blue Bird Academy, which is located near Chilliwack, which is considered to be the ideal one in terms of favourable weather conditions. It operates at CYCW (Chilliwack Municipal Airport) in BC, Canada and is considered one of the world's best flying club. Located just close to Vancouver, the institute is known to cater some of the best aviation training programs, right from the recreational training programs to the serious kind of commercial pilot training programs it has everything, which any aspiring or well-established pilots would want. In terms of facilities and infrastructure, Bluebird Academy is considered really good, which has given so many pilots to the airline companies based at different overseas locations and in Canada. The academies is known to have training overseas students since past so many years and are also into advance training programs having networked with a number of prestigious universities.  

Atlantic Flight College

One of the leading flying clubs in the world is Atlantic Flight College, which is a complete service FBO. Having located close to CYSI, the popular Bay of Fundy in Saint John, New Brunswick, it is among the top flying club not just in Canada. It is known to render professional excellence in aircraft maintenance by skilled and committed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Technicians, which employ the highest quality products at one of the best possible cost. It is known to produce some of the best pilots who all are working and contributing in a number of flying schools.

Brantford Flying Club

This club manages the Brantford Flight Centre, which is considered to be one of the oldest well established flying clubs and also in the world. Having formed in the year 1929, it is based at Commonwealth Flying Training Base No.5, which is a centre having excellent facilities for Flight Training. It is among the three hard surfaced runways, which is a legacy from wartime services. Teh flying club offers a number of facilities including ground school, recreational pilot permit, private pilot license, commercial pilot license, night rating multi engine rating, VFR over the top rating, single engine instrument rating, class IV instructor rating, multi engine instrument rating, etc.


There are many such flying clubs in the world, which can be included in this list. All you are supposed to do is to find out the right one close to your area, which is known to deliver quality training thus making things simple while entering into this domain.

BLUE BIRD FLIGHT ACADEMY operates out of Chilliwack Municipal Airport (CYCW) in British Columbia, Canada. Located only minutes drive east of Vancouver. The airport, licensed by Transport Canada, has full runway lighting which allows 24 hour operations and is conveniently located right next to the designated flight training areas with all flights being conducted under surveillance of local radar. With its close proximity to two international airports offering NDB/VOR/ILS and GPS approaches and departures.


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Why blue bird flight academy best option?

Blue Bird Flight Academy is a well known flight schools based in Canada. It runs and manages a number of pilot programs including the recreational and commercial pilot training programs. The institute has come into existence since past so many years qualifying a number of pilots with successful recreational and commercial pilot programs. Most of them having passed out from the institute are enjoying stable career in airlines industry. This gives you many reasons why you choose Blue Bird Flight Academy; let’s check some of them as under:

One of the basic reasons why you should choose for Blue Bird Flight Academy is the presence of good and experienced instructors. The instructors out there are very much qualified and experienced ones, which come from a rich flying experience and knowledge. Their expertise in terms of flying and handling the flying machines has been perfect, which gives everyone the reason to opt for this institute.

The second reason to choose this institute is the presence of good number of high quality and proper functional fleet, which are required to train the pilot students. All the fleets whether they are used for commercial or private pilot training are in a right shape, giving you the best reason to choose this institute.

Lastly, the other key reason to choose Blue Bird Flight Academy is the location and the state of art infrastructure. The flying school is based at Chilliwack, which is known for having one of the best weather conditions. This means, you are free to fly planes at any day in the year, which helps in completing the training programs on time. The state of art facilities for the students gives you another reason to opt this school for your flying career.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Finding a Pilot training school, check these points

Do you aspire to become a professional pilot? If yes then the very first thing you need is the right pilot training school, which can train and groom you to become an ace pilot. Well making career in aviation is full of adventure and excitement, if you like to rise up high in the air and have the passion for planes, opting the career of pilot is the best bet for you. Once you are fit for the basic requirements you need to apply for the commercial pilot license, the next thing you would require is a competent school, which can offer you the right training and grooming to make the flying simple and enjoying experience. Before you choose any, check these points to land up at a right place:

The Training Aircraft and Flight Training Devices (simulators)
The very first thing you need to do in the aviation school is to investigate the school, their fleet of aircraft along with the flight training devices or the simulators in simple world. The higher the quality of these equipments the better would be the school in terms of imparting the right training to the students. The school should have the updated and state of art aircrafts armed with the necessary stuff. The flight training devices gives you the best learning provided they are par in quality and functioning. Also, check whether the school has sufficient amount of devices, aircraft and other stuff for better learning and smarter education. 

The Ground School
The quantity and quality of the training school may sound like an important element of any good flight school, however, the other vital aspects of academics comes in the form of good instructors who are responsible in giving the theory and practical session about the aviation knowledge. A good pilot training school is equipped with these resources. You have two options either you get it in teaching classroom or find the same via the computer based training programs, whichever options suits you should be your choice. Your ground school training should be par so that you end up becoming the right pilot at the end of the day.

Location, facilities and maintenance
The place you are getting the training matters a lot. You should opt a school, which is located at a place with sunny skies and low winds. Having adverse weather can be a big concern for not getting the adequate flight training or the ground training. Also, the airport, which the school is relying for its various pilotprograms also, matters a lot. If you are keen to make a career, it is important to choose an airport having control tower having the precision approach. You can find out all these on a daily basis hence becoming accustom to these things is really important. Also, check the facilities, it should make your training an enjoyable experience, the housing should be par and so should be the other things.

Flight instructors
A good teacher can really help you in achieving your goal better and smarter. While visiting the school for admission, make sure you check the flight instructors. They should be par in terms of experience, knowledge and expertise. Any reputed school will have a competent staff to cater the said training properly.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

How to become Air India pilot?

Do you have the passion to rise up high in the sky and love to be in the air, if yes the career of pilot can be a tempting option.  The career of pilot is a blend of adventure, fun, excitement and even danger. Moreover, if you think of entering in Air India, it gives you some of the best rewards since it comes with a stable flying career. People who aspire to fly high can take plunge in the career of Air India pilot. However, before you think of taking a plunge into this career option, it’s wise to know the basics about Air India pilot career option. Let’s check it out:  

Check the basic requirements
If you intend to become an Air India pilot it is imperative to check basic requirements for the same. For this you are supposed to undergo the Air India Pilot Training program, which has its own set of requirements. The following are the requirements:
You are supposed to be the citizen of Asian country (particularly of Malaysia) with the age group of 18 to 20 as per the date of application. Secondly, you need to have passed SPM with at least A in Mathematics and English with B+ in Physics taken out in just one sitting. If you are coming from the Humanities stream you are supposed to have A in General science or should carry the Diploma or Degree in Engineering or science with the SPM level score of B in the subjects cleared in one sitting only. Thirdly, you should be good in English and Asian (Bahasa) language both in verbal and written. The fourth requirement is that you should be both mentally and physically fit having sound eyesight (vision of 6/60 without any optical source). The minimum height should be of 163 centimetres and lastly you need to sign a training bond as well.

The Air India training program
Now, what does the Air India pilot training program involves, is an important question to answer. Well to answer this question, it practices all the standard applications, the technical and behavioural tests, ground school training, emergency procedural training and training for using the flight simulators.
If you fit into the bill of the requirements and the eligibility criteria it’s time to apply for the program. Make sure you fulfil all the requirements before you send your application for the Air India Pilot training program. For applying you are supposed to visit their official site, which can be easily found over any search engine. All you need to do is to apply online and you would get an email giving you the details about the interview and test. Generally the application is open every year in the month of April in between 1st to 20th of this month.

The tests and interviews for entering the training program
The test for this program is divided in two different stages and the first one include the Cadet Pilot Assessment Stage one Entry Exam wherein you are supposed to appear for three papers (English, Math and Physics) followed by the final paper based on IQ test. Once you clear this stage, you are called for the second stage, which is the first interview. In fact there are three interviews, which you need to clear to become the pilot. The first one is general, second deals with English and Computer test along with simulator test and finally you enter into the debrief stage. Once you clear all interviews, you would be called for the fourth stage, which is the Crew Resource Management exercise.  Then after waiting for another few weeks, you would be called for the fifth stage wherein you would be interviewed by a panel of 3 captains. Once you clear this you are supposed to join the training program in order to become a pilot.

Bright future as An Air India Pilot
In nutshell, the Air India Pilots simply practise the standard applications, the technical and behavioural test, the ground school training, safety and emergency procedural training and employing a number of flight simulators during the training program.  Once you join as an Air India Pilot, you are bound to get a number of opportunities to unleash your passion along with a stable career and good pay package. The career progress in Air India is good and you would certainly love once you enter this place.