Sunday, 30 March 2014

Learn to fly

Every fresher is curious to know that how can he/ she learn to fly . Is it easy or difficult , in how much time one can learn to fly and most important how much will it cost ?
Famous saying - where there s a will there s a way ! Likewise if you wish to learn how to how fly you can learn it very easily as it's not something very difficult . Flying can be learned with a combination of bit of ground training and flight training . Flying had different stages it s upto one to reside till here he wants to learn Like recreational flying , private pilot , night rating , commercial pilot , multiflying , instrument rated . Most of the pilots who are just learning flying for fun they go for recreational flying , it can be completed in about 1 month with an average cost of 5000-6000 USD and one has to undergo 25 flight hours and recreational ground school .
Cadets who are not still sure whether they want to pursue flying for fun or as a profession they go for private pilot as this has an option to upgrade to a commercial pilot if one feels like taking flying as a profession , this course takes about 2-3 . Flight hours and ground training covered during this training is 45 and 40 , average cost - 8000-10000 usd .
Someone who wants to take flying as a career goes for commercial pilot license as that is the minimum requirement to work as a pilot .
There see further rating ratings which are quiet helpful when you apply due your job like - multiengine rating and group 1 instrument rating , this may take another month to complete with average cost of 10000 USD.
Flight instructor is the way to go after CPL if you want to be a flight instructor , this takes about 3 months , average cost to complete the course is 7000-9000 USD.
So now it's upto you to decide what kind of flying do you want to learn as
Every course is an addition to some course . One thing is there it's not at all difficult to learn to fly .