Wednesday, 11 June 2014

How to become Air India pilot?

Do you have the passion to rise up high in the sky and love to be in the air, if yes the career of pilot can be a tempting option.  The career of pilot is a blend of adventure, fun, excitement and even danger. Moreover, if you think of entering in Air India, it gives you some of the best rewards since it comes with a stable flying career. People who aspire to fly high can take plunge in the career of Air India pilot. However, before you think of taking a plunge into this career option, it’s wise to know the basics about Air India pilot career option. Let’s check it out:  

Check the basic requirements
If you intend to become an Air India pilot it is imperative to check basic requirements for the same. For this you are supposed to undergo the Air India Pilot Training program, which has its own set of requirements. The following are the requirements:
You are supposed to be the citizen of Asian country (particularly of Malaysia) with the age group of 18 to 20 as per the date of application. Secondly, you need to have passed SPM with at least A in Mathematics and English with B+ in Physics taken out in just one sitting. If you are coming from the Humanities stream you are supposed to have A in General science or should carry the Diploma or Degree in Engineering or science with the SPM level score of B in the subjects cleared in one sitting only. Thirdly, you should be good in English and Asian (Bahasa) language both in verbal and written. The fourth requirement is that you should be both mentally and physically fit having sound eyesight (vision of 6/60 without any optical source). The minimum height should be of 163 centimetres and lastly you need to sign a training bond as well.

The Air India training program
Now, what does the Air India pilot training program involves, is an important question to answer. Well to answer this question, it practices all the standard applications, the technical and behavioural tests, ground school training, emergency procedural training and training for using the flight simulators.
If you fit into the bill of the requirements and the eligibility criteria it’s time to apply for the program. Make sure you fulfil all the requirements before you send your application for the Air India Pilot training program. For applying you are supposed to visit their official site, which can be easily found over any search engine. All you need to do is to apply online and you would get an email giving you the details about the interview and test. Generally the application is open every year in the month of April in between 1st to 20th of this month.

The tests and interviews for entering the training program
The test for this program is divided in two different stages and the first one include the Cadet Pilot Assessment Stage one Entry Exam wherein you are supposed to appear for three papers (English, Math and Physics) followed by the final paper based on IQ test. Once you clear this stage, you are called for the second stage, which is the first interview. In fact there are three interviews, which you need to clear to become the pilot. The first one is general, second deals with English and Computer test along with simulator test and finally you enter into the debrief stage. Once you clear all interviews, you would be called for the fourth stage, which is the Crew Resource Management exercise.  Then after waiting for another few weeks, you would be called for the fifth stage wherein you would be interviewed by a panel of 3 captains. Once you clear this you are supposed to join the training program in order to become a pilot.

Bright future as An Air India Pilot
In nutshell, the Air India Pilots simply practise the standard applications, the technical and behavioural test, the ground school training, safety and emergency procedural training and employing a number of flight simulators during the training program.  Once you join as an Air India Pilot, you are bound to get a number of opportunities to unleash your passion along with a stable career and good pay package. The career progress in Air India is good and you would certainly love once you enter this place.


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