Thursday, 5 June 2014

How to become a pilot?

There are many people who dream to become a pilot one day; however, treading this path is not an ordinary goal to achieve. In Canada, if you want to become a pilot, the requirements for getting the license of pilot are very much straightforward and simple to understand. You are supposed to check the specific steps and then qualify the required exams, which include both written and practical, before you finally get the pilot licence in this country. As far as Canada is concerned, you have four different types of pilot licence out here. The two are meant for private use, while the remaining is for the commercial use. However, all the licenses are required to attend training at flight school followed by qualifying the written and flight test.
First things first, you need to determine the kind of pilot license you are keen to pursue. For example, if you intend to become a recreational pilot, you require a Recreational Pilot Permit, which will allow you to fly your private planes carrying your friends and family within the country (Canada). However, the Private Pilot License can allow you to fly anywhere in the world. The other category is the Commercial Pilot License that can help you flying commercially anywhere in the world using both the smaller and bigger jet planes (wherein you remain a co-pilot). The Airline Transport Pilot License simply can allow you to fly the commercial planes or jets with the designation of captain.

Next comes is choosing the flight school, which is really crucial in terms of training and development of your personality for the said position. The flight training will help you to receive the commercial pilot license, which can take two years or more for the completion. The private pilot license usually takes one or two years in order to complete on a part time basis.

In the next step to getting the pilot license, you are supposed to clear the medical exam for it from any certified aviation medical examiner. This again can be done at any point of time, which can be can be complete while you doing your ground school portion of training or even before you start your flight program at any of your chosen school.

The next step to become a pilot involves complete your ground school courses/programs followed by qualifying the written exam for the private pilot license. For this, you are supposed to take the required flight lessons while you are in the ground school, first from the instructor and then go for solo training with the help your instructor who would simply guide you from staying at the ground.

Once you qualify both the written exam and the complete all your flight lessons, you are then required to qualify the flight test in order to get your desired pilot license. Both the exams (written and flight test) will going to test your skills and knowledge that you have honed during the flying school’s program. The moment you pass all these tests, you would be issued the license, which means you are free to fly and become a pilot.



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