Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to become an airline pilot after getting CPL?

The CPL or Commercial pilot license in Canada is mandatory to become an airline pilot. The CPL is issued by transport, which has its own set of requirements that has to be checked before becoming an airline pilot after you get the CPL. Right from the having the required training program to qualifying the written and practical exams as issued by the respective agency in Canada, you have to go a long way to become a professional and competent airline pilot in this country. The following are the steps, you need to clear in order to become a full fledged pilot in Canada for any airlines company. Let’s check them out:  

Get your PPL (Private Pilot License)
PPL License Training in Bluebird flight academy

First thing first, you are supposed to get the private pilot license, which is mandatory in Canada to obtain in order to find the commercial pilot license. This can be called as the first step toward the CPL. This license would allow anyone to fly any smaller flying machines for recreational or leisure thing. You cannot make career with the PPL. It just require 2 to 3 months complete the training and appear for the exam to get it depending upon the fact how soon you hone the skills and crack the test for the PPL.

Get your CPL (Commercial Pilot License)
Commercial pilot license

Next comes the commercial pilot license (CPL), which can be only obtained when you have the PPL in hand. With this license, you get the authority to enter into commercial flying, which means you have the choice to make career in flying commercial aircrafts. For this you need 200 to 150 hours of flying hours and then you become eligible to appear for its exam and get the license. With the CPL, you end up getting the entry level jobs for pilot, which becomes the right foundation to have a great career in commercial flying.

Enhance your career of pilot with a degree

This may not be required though but is important to have a good career prospects in commercial flying in any airlines company. With the university degree you simply add wings to your career of commercial flying. You just need a university degree in any subject, no need to have only in aviation. This will help in boosting up your promotions in your commercial flying career. However, with aviation degree, you can boost up your flying knowledge and get an edge in your flying skills as well.

Enhance your level with Airline Transport Pilot License

This can be called as the highest level in commercial flying. If you get this pilot you get the chance to work over the important positions including the captain over any major or regional airlines company. All the important positions in Airlines would require this degree, which require at least 1500 hours of flying experience with qualifying two written exams.

Enjoy your career of commercial pilot

Once you qualify all these levels of pilot, your gate to a lucrative career embarks. All you need to do is to keep on updating and mastering your flying skills and enjoy one of the most stable career on earth, which has everything that you would need from any good career option.


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