Tuesday, 12 August 2014

List of best flying clubs in world

Flying clubs have great role to play in things like aviation training, development and enhancements in flying training programs. When it comes to world best flying clubs, there are many in this list, however, talking about the few won’t be a big issue. Any flying club, which is counted on the top usually, has some of the best instructors, trainers, good infrastructure, good amenities and facilities. They have qualified countless of pilots who are working at different leading airline companies in the world. Let’s check them out as under the best flying clubs in the world as under:

Bluebird Flight Academy

The other in this list is the Blue Bird Academy, which is located near Chilliwack, which is considered to be the ideal one in terms of favourable weather conditions. It operates at CYCW (Chilliwack Municipal Airport) in BC, Canada and is considered one of the world's best flying club. Located just close to Vancouver, the institute is known to cater some of the best aviation training programs, right from the recreational training programs to the serious kind of commercial pilot training programs it has everything, which any aspiring or well-established pilots would want. In terms of facilities and infrastructure, Bluebird Academy is considered really good, which has given so many pilots to the airline companies based at different overseas locations and in Canada. The academies is known to have training overseas students since past so many years and are also into advance training programs having networked with a number of prestigious universities.  

Atlantic Flight College

One of the leading flying clubs in the world is Atlantic Flight College, which is a complete service FBO. Having located close to CYSI, the popular Bay of Fundy in Saint John, New Brunswick, it is among the top flying club not just in Canada. It is known to render professional excellence in aircraft maintenance by skilled and committed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Technicians, which employ the highest quality products at one of the best possible cost. It is known to produce some of the best pilots who all are working and contributing in a number of flying schools.

Brantford Flying Club

This club manages the Brantford Flight Centre, which is considered to be one of the oldest well established flying clubs and also in the world. Having formed in the year 1929, it is based at Commonwealth Flying Training Base No.5, which is a centre having excellent facilities for Flight Training. It is among the three hard surfaced runways, which is a legacy from wartime services. Teh flying club offers a number of facilities including ground school, recreational pilot permit, private pilot license, commercial pilot license, night rating multi engine rating, VFR over the top rating, single engine instrument rating, class IV instructor rating, multi engine instrument rating, etc.


There are many such flying clubs in the world, which can be included in this list. All you are supposed to do is to find out the right one close to your area, which is known to deliver quality training thus making things simple while entering into this domain.

BLUE BIRD FLIGHT ACADEMY operates out of Chilliwack Municipal Airport (CYCW) in British Columbia, Canada. Located only minutes drive east of Vancouver. The airport, licensed by Transport Canada, has full runway lighting which allows 24 hour operations and is conveniently located right next to the designated flight training areas with all flights being conducted under surveillance of local radar. With its close proximity to two international airports offering NDB/VOR/ILS and GPS approaches and departures.



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